Freeman Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. An EP by The Freeman Folk, 'The Freeman Folk Sing', seems to have been the only release on Freeman Records.  It contained 'The Ballad Of Bobby Kennedy' and three other tracks.  Its catalogue number, DTS-002, was one of a series used by DTS Studios of Rochester. There is no date on the label, nor indeed on most of the DTS records. But DTS-009 and DTS-010 both came out in 1976, which suggests that a date of 1975 is very likely.  Pressing was by C. H. Rumble, and the EP came in a white sleeve with an ink stamp on it. The music on the EP, which includes a pleasant version of 'The Last Thing On My Mind', is fairly sparse for the first three tracks - just acoustic guitar and a couple of male vocals - but the Freemans let their hair down on the final track, 'The Black Thorn Stick', which is a banjo and accordion ceili tune. Distributed By Freeman Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Not Traced FREEMAN DTS 001
75 The Freeman Folk The Freeman Folk Sing FREEMAN DTS 002

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