Free Range Records was a DIY label and a subsidiary of Plastic Fantastic Records, which explains its use of the 'PF' prefix.  Free Range seems to have issued just the one single, 'Never Wanna Leave', by Punk band The Red Lights (PF-005; 1978).  Other records in the PF-000s appeared on the Plastic Fantastic, Spade and Stag labels. One thing that sets Free Range apart from all the other labels of the 1970s that I have seen is that it had the copyright date in Latin numerals - MCMLXXVIII - which seems a bit posh for a Punk concern.  Manufacturing and distribution were by Pye. The Red Lights hailing from Deptford, London started off life as The Rats. After venturing into the City with their first appearance at the legendary Roxy Club. Band Members Ashley Cadell (Guitar) / Andrew McLauchlan (Vocals) / Andrew Howell (Bass) / Dave McMullen (Drums).  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Eddie Thornton  Soularize PLASTIC FANTASTIC PF 001
79 Ken Parker  Am I Easy To Forget PLASTIC FANTASTIC PSDD 002
78 Ray Campi  Catterpiller (Ep) SPADE PFE 003
78 Flaky Pastry I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate PLASTIC FANTASTIC PF 004
78 Red Lights Never Wanna Leave FREE RANGE PF 005

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