Foyle Records was a DIY label from Northern Ireland. It managed three singles. Foyle Records presumably it was named after the river.  The layout of the label bears a resemblance to that of other DIY / independent labels from the North such as R & O and Beal Feirste Records, suggesting that they may share a common origin.  Staff Captain McDaid by Honey, was issued in 1974 and had a catalogue number of FD-601.  I presume that the song is about IRA captain James McDaid who was shot by the British army in 1972.  Two years later a single by Fiona appeared, 'Peace' b/w 'Valley Of Dreams'; that was numbered FR-1976.  The practise of using the year as the number seems to have continued, as a 1981 single by Pridesmen, 'Gene Stuart' b/w 'Shores Of Lough Neagh' was FR-1981. Distributed By Foyle Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Honey Staff Captain McDaid FOYLE FD 601

76 Fiona Peace FOYLE FR 1976
81 Pridesmen Gene Stuart FOYLE FR 1981

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