Independent Reggae label: Four Sixty Records was part of the Rite Sound / Write Sounds family. All three labels operated out of premises at 460 Leyton High Road, London, from which, presumably, Four Sixty took its name. There was at least one seven-inch single on Four Sixty:  Joy Mack's 'You Had Your Chance' (460-001), which came out in 1977.  The single also appearing as a 12" on Rite Sounds, RS-001.  'Decisions' by Joy Mack (460D-003), which was also on Four Sixty, seems to have only been issued in 12" form.  002 (no prefix) was another Joy Mack single, 'You Hurt Me So', on Rite Sound.  Distributed By Rite Sound Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Joy Mack You Had Your Chance FOUR SIXTY 460 001
78 Joy Mack You Hurt Me So (12") FOUR SIXTY 002
78 Joy Mack  Decision (12") FOUR SIXTY 460 D 003

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