Independent label: 4 Play Records was a DIY label. It managed five singles 'Teenage Treats' b/w 'She Made Magic' by The Wasps (FOUR-001) came out in November 1977; it was quickly picked up by Illegal Records and reissued under the same catalogue number.  The next 4 Play records didn't appear until 1979.  Both of them were by The Favourites: 'S.O.S.' b/w 'Favourite Shoes' (FOUR-002; 6/79), and 'Angelica' b/w 'Cold' (FOUR-003). 1980 saw 'Fireball' b/w 'Misirlou' by the XL5's (FOUR-004) and a split single featuring Flak's 'When The Gold Runs Dry' and 'Dedication' by Alexei Sayle. It issued singles in an FOUR-000 numerical series. Distributed By Pye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Wasp She Made Magic FOURPLAY FOUR 001
79 Favourites S.O.S FOURPLAY FOUR 002
79 Favourites Angelica FOURPLAY FOUR 003
80 Xl5'S Fireball FOURPLAY FOUR 004
80 Flak When The Gold Runs Dry FOURPLAY FOUR 005

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