Ford (UK) Workers' Combine Records was a DIY label. It issued a three-track 7" to mark a strike for better pay and conditions.  The tracks on it were 'The Ford Strike Song' by OHC & The Gappers, George Chriba's 'Johnny Strika', and sounds from 'The Ford Workers March Through London'.  All three were all recorded in October 1978; the first at Easy Street Studios, the others at the Local Radio Workshop.  Presumably the record was issued not long afterwards.  The catalogue number was FUKWC-00001, and the matrix number, S/78/CUS-182, indicates that the EP was made through custom recording company SRT.  Manufacture was by Orlake. Distributed By Ford (UK) Workers' Combine Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Ford (UK) Workers' Combine The Ford Workers March Through London FORD (UK) WORKERS' COMBINE FUKWC 00001

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