Independent label: Folksound Records was the label of Folksound Studios, in Halsall; unsurprisingly it was devoted to Folk music.  It started out in 1974, issuing records in an FS-100 series, and was still going in 1977, by which time the numbers had reached FS-111.  The vast majority of its products were albums, but it issued at least two 7" EPs by the Redbridge Folk Dance Band.  Both EPs shared the LPs' numerical series.. Distributed By  Folksound Records. Folksound Records Former Address: Fourways Morris Lane Halsall Ormskirk Lancashire L39 8SX. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Peter Nalder  Narsty Tayles (Album)  FOLKSOUND FS 101
75 Bully Wee Bully Wee (Album)  FOLKSOUND FS 102
75 Dave Abrams  If I'd Stayed Around (Album)  FOLKSOUND FS 103
76 Jean Ward  Stay Not Late (Album)  FOLKSOUND FS 104
76 The Redbridge Folk Dance Band Four By Four FOLKSOUND FS 105
76 Mike Lyddiard  The Sands Of Time (Album)  FOLKSOUND FS 106
76 Geoff Bodenham  Two Sides Of Geoff Bodenham (Album)  FOLKSOUND FS 107
77 The Redbridge Folk Dance Band Six By Three FOLKSOUND FS 108
77 Not Traced FOLKSOUND FS 109
77 Mike Lyddiard And for my next song (Album)  FOLKSOUND FS 110
78 Trousers  Mad Nelly Rides Again (Album)  FOLKSOUND FS 111

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