Independent Northern Irish label: Folk Records to judge by the titles of its records, would appear to have had distinct Republican sympathies. Some copies of the second single, Wolfhound's 'Provie Birdie' (FS-202; 1973), have no catalogue number on the label. As can be seen, the colour and layout of the label evolved over time. few records have been Orlake pressings. Distributed By Folk Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Margaret Power  Big Joe McCann  FOLK FS 201
73 Wolfhound Provie Birdie / Sweet Carnlough Bay  FOLK FS 202
73 Donnelly Trio  Provie Lullaby  FOLK FS 203
74 Wolfhound Michael Gaughan  FOLK FS 204
74 Not Traced FOLK FS 205
74 Wolfhound Brave Frank Stagg  FOLK FS 206
74 The Wolfhound Blast It (Portlaoise) FOLK FS 019

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