Folk On The Fringe Records was a DIY label. It managed one single a four-track EP by Scottinsh band Mannfolk.  It's possible that 'Folk On The Fringe' may have been the name of the EP rather than the label, but as those words appeared at the top of the label in prominent lettering it doesn't seem unreasonable to take them as being the label's name, particularly in the absence of any indication to the contrary.  The EP came out in 1976; it had a catalogue number of CS-7252, which belongs to a block used by Craighall Studios.   First track on it was called 'Bobby', and it was presumably intended for sale at or shortly after the 1976 Edinburgh Festival.  The Mannfolk made another appearance at the Fringe in 1977, and another record, which came out on the Osprey label, in that same year. Distributed By Folk On The Fringe Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Mannfolk four-track EP FOLK ON THE FRINGE CS 7252

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