Independent label: Fly Records was set up in 1970 by David Platz, founder of the Essex Music publishing company.  Up to that point Essex's 'Straight Ahead Productions' company had released its product through EMI on the Regal Zonophone label, which had been revitalized for that purpose. With Fly was hatched Straight Ahead transferred their artists - including Procol Harum, Joe Cocker and Tyrannosaurus Rex - to the new label.  Abbreviated, T. Rex immediately provided Fly with its first Singles Chart successes, launching Marc Bolan as a star in the process.  John Kongos also provided a couple of Chart hits, making the Top 5 twice in 1971 with 'He's Gonna Step On You Again' (BUG-8) and 'Tokoloshi Man' (BUG-14).  In 1972, Fly Records evolved into Cube, keeping the numerical series going but changing the label design dramatically in the process.  During the course of its short life Fly used a number of different labels: the earliest came in pale lilac and later in fawn, while the Roger-Dean-designed one came first in black-and-silver, occasionally in pink-and-black, and latterly in black-and-white.  The idea of using a 'handwriting' typeface for the credits, which the company started to do with BUG-7, was an unusual one; the only other non-DIY label I can think of which did the same was Nepentha.  Reportedly the handwriting was Dean's.  Manufacture and distribution were by EMI, and the demos are in the usual EMI style, though occasionally pressings were outsourced - the copy of T. Rex's 'Get It On' has a wider dinking perforation than usual and is a Decca pressing.  According to Billboard (10th October 1970) its product was to be promoted by Track Records.  The label was revived in 1972, as 'Maxi Fly', for a short-lived series of EPs, which were numbered in the ECHO-100s.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Bolan Marc & T.Rex Ride A White Swan FLY  BUG 1
70 Move When Alice Comes Back To The Farm FLY BUG 2
70 Cocker Joe Cry Me A River FLY BUG 3
70 Stanshall Vivian Suspicion FLY BUG 4
71 Brown Georgia Theme From "The Roads To Freedom" FLY BUG 5
71 Bolan Marc & T.Rex Hot Love  FLY BUG 6
71 Third World War Ascension Day FLY BUG 7
71 Kongos John He'S Gonna Step On You Again FLY BUG 8
71 Cocker Joe High Time We Went FLY BUG 9
71 Bolan Marc & T.Rex Get It On FLY BUG 10
71 Third World War A Little Bit Of Urban Rock FLY BUG 11
71 Tidbits Jean Harlow FLY BUG 12
71 Williams John Pomegranate FLY BUG 13
71 Kongos John Tokoloshe Man FLY BUG 14
71 Neal Chris Blame It All On Eve FLY BUG 15
71 Bolan Marc & T.Rex Jeepster FLY BUG 16
71 Keating Johnny Orchestra Theme From The Onedin Line FLY BUG 17
71 Brown Georgia Turn Out The Light FLY BUG 18
72 Thomas Rod Timothy Jones FLY BUG 19
71 Andrews Harvey Soldier CUBE  BUG 20
71 Helms Jimmy So Long Love CUBE BUG 21
72 Kongos John Great White Lady CUBE BUG 22
72 Neal Chris Streets Of Birmingham CUBE BUG 23
72 Morton Lionel What A Woman Does CUBE BUG 24
72 Cocker Joe Midnight Rider CUBE BUG 25
72 Andrews Harvey Don'T Know The Time CUBE BUG 26
73 Helms Jimmy Gonna Make You An Offer You Can'T Refuse CUBE BUG 27
73 Cocker Joe She Don'T Mind CUBE BUG 28
73 J.S.D. Band Sarah Jane CUBE BUG 29
73 Helms Jimmy Jack Horner'S Holiday CUBE BUG 30
73 Armatrading Joan  Lonely Lady CUBE BUG 31
73 Kongos John Higher Than God'S Hat CUBE BUG 32
73 Helms Jimmy I'Ll Take Good Care Of You CUBE BUG 33
73 Majestics Living It All Again CUBE BUG 34
73 Jets Rusty Corinthian Pillar CUBE BUG 35
73 Helms Jimmy When Can Brown Begin CUBE BUG 36
74 The Majestics Little Black Pearl CUBE BUG 37
74 Seeboe Redgie Daphne'S Brains CUBE BUG 38
74 Ryder Sugar Mama CUBE BUG 39
74 Jsd Band Sunshine Life For Me CUBE BUG 40
74 Angel Good Time Fanny CUBE BUG 41
74 Price Michael Not A Word Not A Song CUBE BUG 42
74 Bailey Robert Make Haste Sooner CUBE BUG 43
74 Bullfrog Glancy CUBE BUG 44
74 Snapp So Many Reasons CUBE BUG 45
74 Majestics Shazam CUBE BUG 46
74 Cocker Joe Put Out The Light CUBE BUG 47
74 Kongos John Truth Is An Ocean CUBE BUG 48
74 Jsd Band Cuckoo CUBE BUG 49
74 Lubin Lem Oh Heartbreaker CUBE BUG 50
74 Angel Little Boy Blue CUBE BUG 51
74 Price Michael Is It Me Is It You CUBE BUG 52
75 Conkers Tina CUBE BUG 53
75 Memzelle Betti Get Out Of My Way CUBE BUG 54
75 Mark Two Going Away Today CUBE BUG 55
75 Redgie Seeboe Please Don't Bring Your Sister CUBE BUG 56
75 Joe Cocker You Are So Beautiful CUBE BUG 57
75 John Kongos Ride The Lightning CUBE BUG 58
75 Michael Price You're Not Smiling CUBE BUG 59
75 Helms Jimmy Gonna Make You An Offer CUBE BUG 60
75 Joe Cocker It's All Over But The Shoutin' CUBE BUG 61
75 Procol Harum Homburg CUBE BUG 62
76 Waterloo And Robinson Midnight Movie CUBE BUG 63
76 Kissoon Mac & Katie Get Down With It-Satisfaction CUBE BUG 64
76 John Williams [Guitarist] Cavatina CUBE BUG 65
76 Bolan Marc & T.Rex Hot Love CUBE  BUG 66
76 Waterloo & Robinson My Little World CUBE BUG 67
76 Steve And Bonnie Yuppi Du CUBE BUG 68
76 Chain-Gang Midnight Special CUBE BUG 69
76 Waterloo And Robinson Turn Away CUBE BUG 70
76 The Bumpers The Bumper Song CUBE BUG 71
76 Craig Douglas And Featuring The Dougettes Who's Sorry Now CUBE BUG 72
76 Electric Choir To All Mankind-Doobey Dooh CUBE BUG 73
76 Armatrading Joan  Alice CUBE BUG 74
77 Jimmy Chambers Love Don't Come Easily, Girl CUBE BUG 75
77 Craig Douglas Turn Away CUBE BUG 76
78 Procol Harum A Whiter Shade Of Pale CUBE BUG 77
78 John Williams [Guitarist] Travelling CUBE BUG 78
78 Peter Cook And Dudley Moore Goodbyee CUBE BUG 79
78 John Williams [Guitarist] Romanza CUBE BUG 80
79 Vladimir Cosma Nadia's Theme CUBE BUG 81
79 John Kongos He's Gonna Step On You Again CUBE BUG 82
79 John Williams [Guitarist] Air On The 'G' String CUBE BUG 83
79 The Pirates Golden Oldies CUBE BUG 84
79 The Move Flowers In The Rain CUBE BUG 85
79 The Pirates Lady (Put The Light On Me) CUBE BUG 86
79 Not Issued CUBE BUG 87
79 The Mansell Chorale Song Of Freedom (Theme From 'Enemy At The Door') CUBE BUG 88
79 Gordon Giltrap Theme From The Waltons CUBE BUG 89
80 T. Rex Jeepster CUBE BUG 90
81 Joe Cocker Let It Be CUBE BUG 91
81 Robyn Archer Excerpts From 'A Star Is Torn' CUBE BUG 92
82 Joan Armatrading Lonely Lady CUBE BUG 93
82 The Gabrieli Brass New Forest CUBE BUG 94
83 Gordon Giltrap Heartsong CUBE BUG 95
83 Not Issued CUBE BUG 96
83 Joe Cocker You Are So Beautiful CUBE BUG 97
84 Jimmy Helms Gonna Make You An Offer You Can't Refuse CUBE BUG 98
84 T. Rex Rare Magic CUBE BUG 99
72 Procol Harum A Whiter Shade Of Pale FLY ECHO 101
72 Tyrannosaurus Rex Debora // One Inch Rock FLY ECHO 102
72 Joe Cocker With A Little Help From My Friends FLY ECHO 103
72 Move Fire Brigade FLY ECHO 104



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