Flowerpot Records was a DIY label from the Merseyside area, owned by Billy Maher and Billy Jackson.  It managed one singles. Flowerpot issued at least three records, all of them by The Jacksons: the first two were EPs, the third an LP.  'Making Wellies All Day' (FP-101) was first out of the blocks, in 1977; it was followed in 1979 by 'The Well Song' (FP-102), which had the same label design but was coloured yellow.  The LP 'The Jacksons Party' (FP-50) completed the trio in 1980. It issued singles in an FP-100 numerical series. Distributed By Flowerpot Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 The Jacksons 'Making Wellies All Day FLOWERPOT FP 101
79 The Jacksons The Well Song FLOWERPOT FP 102

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