Independent label: Flamingo Records Owned by publishers Carlin Music and aimed at the Disco market, Flamingo issued at least eighteen singles during the years 1979-81, many of which were also available in 12" form.  Three out of the first four - two by the Bombers and one by Match - tickled the Top 50. Numbering was in an FM-0 series.  Information on the labels indicates that Flamingo records were licensed to Magnet until the end of 1979, and as a result manufacture and distribution were by EMI during that period. The start of 1980 saw a split from Magnet and a move to RCA. The men who had been responsible for setting up Flamingo as Carlin's Freddy Bienstock and Mike Collier. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Bombers Get Dancin' FLAMINGO  FM 1
79 Match Boogie Man FLAMINGO  FM 2
79 Sassy Lonely Dancer FLAMINGO  FM 3
79 Bombers Let'S Dance FLAMINGO  FM 4
80 Alma Faye Don't Fall In Love FLAMINGO  FM 5
80 Match Mister Dee Jay FLAMINGO  FM 6
80 Mirage Summer Groove FLAMINGO  FM 7
80 Zebras Now That I'Ve Met You FLAMINGO  FM 8
80 Eye To Eye Step Out FLAMINGO  FM 9
80 Christopher Dov Joy Is The World FLAMINGO  FM 10
81 Cameron G C Live For Love FLAMINGO  FM 11
81 Not Traced FLAMINGO  FM 12
81 Not Traced FLAMINGO  FM 13
81 Desmond Paul If It Feels Good FLAMINGO  FM 14
81 Allnighters Taking A Chance FLAMINGO  FM 15
81 Not Traced FLAMINGO  FM 16
81 Not Traced FLAMINGO  FM 17
81 State Of Grace Walking Rhythm FLAMINGO  FM 18

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