Independent Irish label: Flame Records was Owned and managed by Tony Johnston and Founded in Derry in 1972. Tony Johnston also owned Cuchulainn Records. It issued singles in an FLM-000 numerical series. Flame Records Former Address:  290 Tamnaherin Road Derry. Distributed By Flame Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Marie  The Nickel Song  FLAME FLM 001
72 Tommy Fee & The Cajun Sound  He Built The Church (The Ballad Of Bill Crump)  FLAME FLM 002
72 Anna My Heart Will Go On Loving You FLAME FLM 003
72 Geraldine  She Wept for the Fighting of Orange and Green  FLAME FLM 004
73 Geraldine Wraggle Taggle Gypsies FLAME FLM 005
73 Marie  Holiday Land / Summer Skies  FLAME FLM 006
74 John Taggart  That's The Way Of It  FLAME FLM 007
74 Not Traced FLAME FLM 008
74 Not Traced FLAME FLM 009
75 Geraldine  Rain FLAME FLM 010
79 Melody Magic And Shara Bright Eyes FLAME FLM 021
80 Lisa Devlin Christmas Tree Angel FLAME FLM 051
80 Linda Gormley Acting Crazy FLAME FLM 052
80 John McGilloway Free And Easy FLAME FLM 053

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