Independent label: Firefly Records was An offshoot of A&M Records, as the 'AMS' prefix hints; though it had the 5000 numbering to itself.  Firefly operation were to be Mike Stone, formerly head of publishers A. Schroeder, and John Sherry and Miles Copeland, of management company Sherry / Copeland Artists.  Stone was to handle the day-to-day operation of the label, with Sherry being responsible for agency direction and new talent acquisition.  Firefly product was to be licensed under the A&M label throughout the rest of the world. Mostly Firefly was a vehicle for records by Rock group Hustler, though The Movies got in on the act by adding an album and a single to the catalogue. The label appeared in 1974 and seems not to have lasted beyond 1976.  Early copies of the first single, Hustler's, 'Get Outa My 'Ouse' (AMS-5001) had the standard A&M label with a Firefly logo, later pressings had the standard Firefly label. Distributed By CBS Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Hustler Get Outa My Ķuse FIREFLY AMS 5001
75 Hustler Little People FIREFLY AMS 5002
75 Hustler Boogie Man FIREFLY AMS 5003
76 Hustler Money Maker FIREFLY AMS 5004
76 Movies Fancy Man FIREFLY AMS 5005

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