Independent label: Firebrand Records was one of a couple of labels owned by Dema Directions, of Bristol, the other being Great Western. Both labels shared a DM-000 numerical series, later DM-1000; The Fred Bloggs Band's 'Seaside' EP, featuring 'Mr. Sun' and three other tracks, dates from 1978 and is one of only three 7" found so far on Firebrand. Modestly the sides were listed as 'C' and 'D' rather than 'A' and 'B'.  The other records were a single by Superfly, 'Disco Crazy' (DM-1021) which came out the following year, and a version of 'The Bird Dance' by the Ritchie Brookes Sound (DM-1026), which appeared in 1981. The Fred Bloggs Band, which was popular locally and was built around Steve Brown. It is possible that Firebrand was Dema's label for records which it actually issued, with Great Western being more of a DIY concern. Distributed By Firebrand Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Keith Monk Music Lets Dance GREAT WESTERN DM 001
73 K.L.B. First Journey (Album) GREAT WESTERN DM 002
74 Lee Wilson Lee Wilson Sings GREAT WESTERN DM 003
74 Chantilly Lace Chantilly Lace (Album) GREAT WESTERN DM 004
74 Pebble A Gift With Love (Album) GREAT WESTERN DM 005
74 Roy Antony Marta GREAT WESTERN DM 006
74 Twenty Fingers Twenty Fingers In 'C'  (Album) GREAT WESTERN DM 007
74 Nelson'S Column Real Live Ale Meets - The Big Band - Live! From Only A Pub In Sutton (Album) FIREBRAND DM 008
75 Weather / Oblio House At Pooh Corner GREAT WESTERN DM 009
75 Showboat B.M.G. Orchestra Showboat Vol. 1 (Album)  GREAT WESTERN DM 010
76 North Winds North Winds In Concert (Album) GREAT WESTERN DM 011
78 Fred Bloggs Band Seaside Ep FIREBRAND DM 012
77 Skywhale The World At Minds End (Album) FIREBRAND DM 013
77 Price Handball Rangers Price Rangers (Album) GREAT WESTERN DM 014
77 Independent Folk Independent Folk (Album) GREAT WESTERN DM 015
78 Not Traced GREAT WESTERN DM 016
78 J William Ball Banjo Highlights (Album) GREAT WESTERN DM 017
78 Not Traced GREAT WESTERN DM 018
78 Not Traced GREAT WESTERN DM 019
79 Jo Chambers Every Woman Will Be Free (Album) FIREBRAND DM 1020
79 Superfly Disco Crazy / Superfly FIREBRAND DM 1021
79 Patches It's So Easy  FIREBRAND DM 1022
79 Chantilly Lace Chantilly Lace (Album) FIREBRAND DM 1023
80 George Telford When I Fall In Love FIREBRAND DM 1024
80 The Chalfonts Take Me Home Country Roads FIREBRAND DM 1025
81 Ritchie Brooks Band Bird Dance FIREBRAND DM 1026
81 Patchwork Patchwork (Album) GREAT WESTERN DM 1027
81 Michael Kidd Sommerset (Album) GREAT WESTERN DM 1028
81 Bristol Unicorns Youth Marching Band Bristol Fashion (Album) GREAT WESTERN DM 1029
81 Bristol Rovers Rovers Song GREAT WESTERN DM 1530
82 Not Traced GREAT WESTERN DM 1031
82 Not Traced GREAT WESTERN DM 1032
82 Bristol Unicorns Youth Marching Band Live (Album) FIREBRAND DM 1033
83 Peter Singh Living Doll GREAT WESTERN GWR PS  001

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