Independent label: Firebird Records was a Sub label of Pinnacle Electronics, of Orpington, in Kent, it began issuing records in 1975, on the 'Pinnacle' label, in 1978 the old label was subject to a radical overhaul: it emerged with a new catalogue series (PIN-0, replacing P-8400), a new multi-coloured design, and a new name, Pinnacle Firebird.  The new brand visited the Singles Chart twice in 1978, with a couple of Disco-slanted reworkings of well-known songs / tunes: Colorado's stab at 'California Dreaming' (PIN-67), and Mankind's rendering of the theme from the BBC series, 'Dr. Who' (PIN-71).  For some reason the Mankind single can be found on a plain silver version of the label, minus the 'Firebird' logo but with the same catalogue number. Pinnacle Firebird as such seems not to have survived into 1980; the 'Firebird' bit was dropped and the name reverted to its original 'Pinnacle'. The Pinnacle company moved into the Record Distribution business; it flourished in that role. Pinnacle went into liquidation in 2008. It was then that Windsong Exports purchased the group and turned it into the UK's leading music distributor. Following that, the companies were usually referred to jointly as Windsong/Pinnacle. In 1996, Windsong/Pinnacle was purchased by the Zomba Group When Zomba was subsequently purchased by BMG in 2002, Windsong/Pinnacle was moved under Bertelsmann's group Arvato AG. In January 2008, Windsong completed a buyout from Arvato, gaining independent ownership again. However, in the midst of an economic crisis, the company was forced to go into administration, effective December 3, 2008. Distributed By Pinnacle Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Straker Nick Band Walk In The Park PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 1
79 Transvolta Disco Computer  PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 3
79 Lou & Hollywood Bananas Kingston Kingston PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 5
79 Mankind Chain Reaction PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 13
79 Disco Very Get It On PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 15
79 Pig Clive & Hopeful Chinamen Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen PINNACLE PIN 21
79 Cyanide Your Old Man PINNACLE PIN 23
79 Disco Rockmachine Living In The City PINNACLE PIN 24
79 Dana & Gene Dario Can You Get Me Into Studio 54  PINNACLE PIN 26
79 Dansette Damage 2001 1/4 Approximately PINNACLE PIN 30
78 Monaco God Only Knows PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 64
78 Flintlock You'Re Like A Magnet PINNACLE PIN 65
78 Colorado California Dreamin PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 67
78 Mankind Dr. Who PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 71
79 Scott Peggy You'Ve Got It All PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 73
79 Tuesday´S Children Boogie Woman PINNACLE / FIREBIRD   PIN 75

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