Fire Records was a DIY label. Fire was one of two labels owned by the music division of leisure group Scotia Investments.  Its forthcoming launch was announced in 'Billboard' magazine of the 15th of May 1971, but in the issue for the 3rd of July of that year it was reported that following upheavals at Scotia there would be no more issues on Fire or its stable-mate, Smoke.  In the three months or so that it existed Fire managed to issue at least one single, an Afro Rock version of the old Kingsmen hit 'Louie Louie', by a group called Simba. It had a catalogue number of FIR-100.  Simba reportedly consisted of members of Jade Warrior and Assagai, and the single was produced for Dave Watson for Shel Talmy Productions, so there was some experience behind it - Talmy was the managing director of Scotia Investments' music arm.  Some sources say that the British version of the record was one-sided, others that it had the usual two sides.  Given the short life of the label, that single may well be the only one. The revamped Scotia company was responsible for another label later in the decade. Distributed By Scotia Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Simba Louie Louie FIRE FIR 100

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