Independent Reggae label: Fight Records owned by Larry Lawrence.  Catalogue numbers suggest that Fight issued at least 7" singles, in an FT-000 series, in 1974-75, but several of the numbers may not have been used.  It was merged with another of Lawrence's labels, Ethnic in 1975 to become Ethnic Fight, though some records continued to appear on the Fight label. The constituent parts of Ethnic Fight separated in 1978, but they concentrated on 12" singles from that point onwards. Distributed By Fight Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Not Issued   FIGHT  FT 001
74 Denzil Dennis  My Own True Love FIGHT  FT 002
74 Not Issued FIGHT  FT 003
74 Larry Duke  Carnival 74 FIGHT  FT 004
74 Not Issued FIGHT  FT 005
74 Dennis Curtis Come With Me FIGHT  FT 006
74 Not Issued FIGHT  FT 007
74 Junior Stratdan  Lorane FIGHT  FT 008
75 Not Issued FIGHT  FT 009
75 Horse Mouth  Herb Vendor  FIGHT  FT 010
75 Not Issued FIGHT  FT 011
75 Unforgettables Soul Inflation  In The Mood FIGHT  FT 012
75 Jah Martin Kung Fu (Part 1) FIGHT  FT 018

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