Independent label: Fellside Records was A prominent Folk label, based in Workington, Cumbria.  Fellside was set up almost as a hobby by Paul and Linda Adams in 1976.  It soon gathered momentum, and its catalogue grew to include albums by such prominent members of the Folk scene as Roy Harris, Frankie Armstrong, Jez Lowe, Bram Taylor and Clive Gregson.  In 1984 it developed a Jazz offshoot, Lake Records; both Fellside and Lake are going strong today. The vast majority of the label's output was in the form of LPs, but it issued two singles: Brian Dewhurst's 'The Vicar And The Frog' (FES-401; 1977), and 'They Don't Write 'Em Like That Any More' by Woodbine Lizzie (FES-402; 2/80). Distributed By Fellside Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Brian Dewhurst  The Vicar And The Frog FELLSIDE FES 401
80 Lizzie Woodbine  They Don'T Write 'Em FELLSIDE FES 402
81 Rob Gordon And His Band Dance With Rob Gordon Vol 1 FELLSIDE FEP 403

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