Independent label: Feelgood Records was owned by Alan Blakely. When it started out, in the summer of 1976, Feelgood concentrated mainly on Reggae, but it broadened its range of music fairly swiftly and eventually ended up mainly as a vehicle for Rock 'n' Roll band The Cruisers. Catalogue numbers suggest that it released sixteen singles, using an FLG-100 numbering series, but FLG-112 seem not to have been issued. There appears to have been a hiatus of some sort in late 1977: only one single, FLG-110, was issued in 1978, and none at all in 1979; the label reappeared in 1980 with FLG-113.    There were a couple of successful artists on the catalogue, in the forms of Osibisa and Desmond Dekker, but despite that none of Feelgood's records ever threatened the charts. Manufacture and distribution were by Pye until the middle of 1977, and FLG-110 was distributed by Charmdale.  RCA made and handled the final three singles, which came out in 1981.  The label's design remained basically the same throughout its life, but its colour changed from brown-and-yellow to green-and-white at the time of its second wind, in 1980.  The three RCA-era singles have a reference to that company at the bottom of the label. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Osibisa Black Ant FEELGOOD FLG 101
76 Cultured Few Better No Come FEELGOOD FLG 102
76 King Sounds Rock īNīRoll Lullaby FEELGOOD FLG 103
76 Blooblo Please Mister Please FEELGOOD FLG 104
76 Richard Henry Dee ItīS Christmas Time FEELGOOD FLG 105
77 Carmen Lindsay Shadows Of My Mind FEELGOOD FLG 106
77 Formula Hotrod Heavy Chevy FEELGOOD FLG 107
77 Desmond Dekker Roots Rock FEELGOOD FLG 108
77 Tracey King Love Me Right FEELGOOD FLG 109
77 Willie Cheetham Getaway FEELGOOD FLG 110
78 777 European Music Authority Until The Morning Light (Keep On Trying) FEELGOOD FLG 111
80 Junior Aces Football Football Is The Game FEELGOOD FLG 112
80 Cruisers Rebel EdīS Record Shop FEELGOOD FLG 113
81 Cruisers Wild Cat Rock FEELGOOD FLG 114
81 Jackie Loren Let The Boogie Woogie Roll FEELGOOD FLG 115
81 Cruisers Rockabilly Fever FEELGOOD FLG 116

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