Independent label: Fay Music Inc Records A London-based Reggae label, run by Winston Edwards in association with Joe Gibbs. Catalogue numbers suggest that Fay Music Inc. issued fourteen singles in 1974-76, but several of those numbers appear not to have been used - it did however manage at least ten releases, which are listed below.  Three different label designs were used.  Numbering was initially in an FM-100 series, which had changed to the FM-600s The FM-600s changed back to the FM-000s for the I Roy.  From 1975 into the '80s Fay Music operated a record shop as well as a label; the shop was in New Cross, London.  Distributed By Fay Music Inc Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Graham Leo  Greedy Gal FAY MUSIC  FM 101
75 Max Romeo A Lie Them A Tell FAY MUSIC  FM 601
75 Barrington Spence Baby I Love You FAY MUSIC  FM 602
75 Augustus Pablo Fort Augustus Rock  FAY MUSIC  FM 603
75 Scorpio  Poisonous Sting  FAY MUSIC  FM 604
75 Euslin Gregory  You Are So Real  FAY MUSIC  FM 605
75 U Brown  Jah Jah Whip Them  FAY MUSIC  FM 606
75 U Brown  Jamaican Tobacco  FAY MUSIC  FM 607
75 U Brown  Wet Up You Pant Foot  FAY MUSIC  FM 608
76 I-Roy  Forward I Man Back A Yard  FAY MUSIC  FM 609
76 Roy Lindo   Forever And Ever FAY MUSIC  FM 610
76 Elaine Montague  I Can'T Stand The Rain FAY MUSIC  FM 611
76 Tony Brevett  Got To Go Back Home FAY MUSIC  FM 612
76 Not Issued FAY MUSIC  FM 613
76 I-Roy  Time Bomb FAY MUSIC  FM 014

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