Fast Product was an independent record label, established in Edinburgh by Bob Last and his partner, Hilary Morrison, in December 1977. Its first release was also the first single by the Mekons, released on 20 January 1978. The label is probably most notable for having issued the first records by a number of early and influential post-punk bands from Northern England, including the original Human League, the Gang of Four and the Mekons. Fast Product also released the first singles by the Scottish punk bands Scars and The Flowers. The label also released compilations of various new bands called 'ear comics' or Earcom. Many of the label's releases were also produced by Bob Last with Morrison producing photographs and visuals for the record sleeves. It issued singles in an FAST-0 numerical series. Distributed By EMI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Mekons Never Been In A Riot FAST PRODUCT FAST 1
78 2.3 Where To Now FAST PRODUCT FAST 2
78 Non Music He Quality Of Life No. 1 (Zine, March 1978)  FAST PRODUCT FAST 3
78 Human League Being Boiled FAST PRODUCT FAST 4
79 Gang Of Four Damaged Goods [ Ep ] FAST PRODUCT FAST 5
79 Non Music The Quality Of Life No. 2 (Zine, April 1979) FAST PRODUCT FAST 6
79 Mekons Where Were You FAST PRODUCT FAST 7
79 Scars Horrorshow FAST PRODUCT FAST 8
79 Various Artists Earcom 1 (12") FAST PRODUCT FAST 9A
79 Various Artists Earcom 2 (12") FAST PRODUCT FAST 9B
80 Various Artists Earcom 3 FAST PRODUCT FAST 9C
80 Human League The Dignity Of Labour [ Ep ] FAST PRODUCT FAST 10
80 Various Artists Fast Product The First Year Plan (Album) FAST PRODUCT FAST 11
80 Dead Kennedys California Uber Alles FAST PRODUCT FAST 12

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