Independent label: Fashion Music Records owned by Birmingham New Wave / Power Pop band Fashion and dedicated to their music.  Fashion released three singles and one LP on Fashion Music during the period 1978-80.  The singles were, 'Steady Eddie Steady' (FM-001' 11/78), 'Citinite' (FM-002; 6/79), and 'Silver Blades' (FM-003; 3/80).  FM-002 was pressed by CBS and distributed by Faulty Products, while FM-003 was a Pye pressing.  The band then moved on to Arista, and later to Epic; they tickled the lower reaches of the Charts with singles for both companies. Distributed By Fashion Music. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Fashion Steady Eddie Steady FASHION MUSIC FM 001
79 Fashion Cininite FASHION MUSIC FM 002
79 Fashion Silver Blades FASHION MUSIC FM 003

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