Independent label: Fanfare Records was a studio and custom-recording concern, based in Swiss Cottage, London.  Fanfare appears to have made acetates, and to have arranged for records to be made from masters that were recorded in other studios.  As might be expected, the fare was varied: it was responsible for records by acts such as Folk group Merruwyn, Trad Jazzers the New City Jazzmen, and the choir of All Saints church in Stock Harbard.   There's no date on the Mervyn Francis EP, 'Love With Mervyn Francis' (FR-2061), but the style of the matrix number on the run-off was helpful because it revealed that pressing was by EMI.  Most albums, EPs - and singles shared the same FR-2000 catalogue number series, though there looks to have been a separate FR-6400 series.  There was another Fanfare label in the '70s - a division of Music For Pleasure, if I remember rightly.  It only issued albums.  There was also a Pop one in the '80s, which had hits with the likes of Sinitta.  Some records seem to have used Fanfare numbers as matrix numbers and to have come out on other labels; see 'Scratch' for an example.  At least one record with a Fanfare number came out on a different label; see 'Wax (1974)'. Distributed By Fanfare Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 The Holy Trinity School Choral Society, Mozart Mozart Requiem  (Album) FANFARE FR 2020
74 Tony Diamond Trio Hang Around FANFARE FR 2025
74 Maxwell Plumm Maxwell Plumm (Album) FANFARE FR 2042
74 Sharpe And Betchley Peaceful Easy Feeling FANFARE FR 2046
74 Mervyn Francis Love With Mervyn Francis FANFARE FR 2061
74 Merruwyn Live At The Grosvenor (Album) FANFARE FR 2066
74 Asylum (It's My) Destiny WAX FR 2073
74 New City Jazzmen New Orleans to Crawley FANFARE FR 2093
75 Arthur Lycett, Chris Timewell, Peter Blakeman Extracts From Stone Gang Show 1975 FANFARE FR 2112
75 Choir Of All Saints Stock Harbard Psalm 23 FANFARE FR 2114
75 Terry 4 Songs For Singin' FANFARE FR 2140
76 Bob Short A Year in the Life (Album) FANFARE FR 2153
76 Quodling's Delight Among The Leaves So Green (Album) FANFARE FR 2179
76 Eleri Janet Diane The Answer (Album) FANFARE FR 2196
76 Margaret Hill Margaret Hill Sings a Pocket Full of Folk Songs (Album) FANFARE FR 2198
76 5th Avenue Searching for Heaven FANFARE FR 2203
77 Starship [Guildford] Vampire For Your Love SCRATCH FR 2219
78 Not Known Drink Ricard Your Way FANFARE FR 2244
78 The Staff and Pupils of Castle Rock High Scho The Pardoner's Tale (Album) FANFARE FR 2246
79 The Moulton Morris Men Where the Pavement Ends (Album) FANFARE FR 2311
79 The Children Of Barnsbury School Paul Bradbury & Fanfare Present Colin Campbell's Child Magic FANFARE FR 2320
80 Barbara Law / Peter Robinson New Town FANFARE FR 2359
80 Farnborough Hill Chapel Choir Farnborough Hill Chapel Choir (Album) FANFARE FR 2371
80 The White Diamonds What'll I Do / Forgive Me If I Dream / The House of The Rising Sun FANFARE FR 6466
81 Foursome, The Upside Down (Album) FANFARE FR 6490
81 Agincourt Fly Away (Album) FANFARE FR 6496
81 Dark Truth Great Balls Of Fire FANFARE FR 6586
81 Thought Of Brightwater Thought Of Brightwater (Album) FANFARE FR 6597

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