Independent label: Famous Records was a subsidiary of American company Gulf + Western.  The Famous label failed to live up to its name; it never troubled the Chart compilers.  Famous singles are uncommon: the label usually turns up in the shape of Ralph McTell's, 'You Well Meaning Brought Me Here' LP, when it turns up at all.  Famous issued at least twelve singles in a FAM-100 numerical series from 1970 to 73, before disappearing along with the other G+W family labels (Dot, Paramount, Tumbleweed, Greene Bottle.  Distribution was by EMI. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Small John Can'T Nobody See My Face FAMOUS FAM 101
70 Ginger Ale In The Sand FAMOUS FAM 102
70 O.A.P.S Give Us The Right To Live FAMOUS FAM 103
70 Williams Rick Cut Across Shorty FAMOUS FAM 104
71 Mctell Relph First And Last Man FAMOUS FAM 105
71 Small John As I See You FAMOUS FAM 106
71 Peacock Just A Lonely Man FAMOUS FAM 107
71 Ledbetter Possum Saturday Morning Saturday Night FAMOUS FAM 108
71 Flynn Les Man Made World FAMOUS FAM 109
71 Scrumpy īNī Dumpy When You Wish Apon A Star FAMOUS FAM 110
71 Mctell Relph Teacher Teacher FAMOUS FAM 111
72 Martell Arlene DonīT Trust My Mind FAMOUS FAM 112

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