Independent label: Fair World Records appears to have been a custom recording concern, the label of the studio of the same name.  It seems not to have put dates on its records, but the Trilby EP shown above was pressed by Lyntone and has one of that company's matrix numbers pressed into the run-off; the number is LYN-7426, which tells us that the record was pressed in 1979. Fair World catalogue numbers seem to have varied widely: They were numbered in different series, The company also made albums, Fair World was in business in late '70s to early '80s. Tim Beale was both engineer and producer on the Trilby EP and engineer on the Mark Lewis EP suggests that the label, and the studio at which it was recorded, may have belonged to him. Distributed By Fair World Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Mark Lewis Just The Way You Are FAIR WORLD GF 100
79 Trilby Country Girl FAIR WORLD GF 101
80 Samantha Sinclaire Talking In Your Sleep FAIR WORLD GF 300
80 Strawberry Pye Walk About FAIR WORLD GF 325
81 Radiation Too Much Love FAIR WORLD GF 501
This That and The Other Three Times A Lady FAIR WORLD GF 275
80 Not Traced FAIR WORLD GF 5001
80 Terry Milligan  Nothing In The Bar FAIR WORLD GF 5002
80 Maddison Avenue Laughter In The Dark FAIR WORLD GF 5003
80 Ian Lennard Copacabana FAIRWORLD MUSIC  GF 5004
80 Paul Emmanuel Your'e So Wonderful, So Marvelous FAIRWORLD MUSIC  GF 5005
78 Kymm Special Moments (Album) FAIR WORLD GRF 49
78 Honey Pie  Singing In The Rain EP FAIR WORLD GF 50
78 Paul G. Ambrose Paul G. Ambrose (Album) FAIR WORLD GF 72

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