Independent label: 5th Avenue was an unusual label in that most of its - few - issues were in the form of cassette singles.  It did however issue one single in vinyl form, the record in question was Ricki Disoni's, 'Salud Amor Mallorca' (FTA 1001; 6/77), which was also available as a cassette (CTFA-1001). releases were a mixture of licensed material and originals, with a Punk single by The Drones thrown in. Cassette singles made a minor impact in the '80s, before CD singles wiped them off the map forever, but in 1977, when 5th Avenue was in operation, they hadn't yet caught on. Distribution was by Selecta; the Ricki Disoni single was pressed by Orlake. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Ricki Disoni Salud Amor Mallorca 5th AVENUE  FTA  1001

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