Independent label: Evolution Records released one single in 1979 and eight more in 1980. Two of them, 'In Love' (EV-1; 10/79), and 'Put With Me All Night' (EV-4; 4/80) were by Punk group The Plague, the first being a reissue of a single that had originally been put out on Psycho Records six months earlier.  There were also three albums, by Manchester United F.C., the Wales Rugby Team, and Tom Paxton. The 1980s issues were manufactured and distributed by RCA. The songs on the few '80s issues have been published by Rulven, which suggests that Evolution may have had a connection to that company. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Plague In Love EVOLUTION EV 1
80 Cotton Tom  Who Needs Friends EVOLUTION EV 2
80 Morgan One More Day EVOLUTION EV 3
80 Plague Out With Me All Night EVOLUTION EV 4
80 Paxton Tom Feed The Children EVOLUTION EV 5
80 Ijohn Ian Don'T Slow Down EVOLUTION EV 6
80 Dolly Dots Radio EVOLUTION EV 7
80 Paxtom Tom Be A Sport Afghanistan EVOLUTION EV 8
80 Ringer Paul Something To Live For EVOLUTION EV 9

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