Evening Chronicle Records was a DIY label from the North-East of England. The 'Evening Chronicle' concerned was, and still is, a prominent newspaper from Newcastle. It was responsible for the release of a record celebrating Newcastle United F.C., 'United, Newcastle United' by Bobby Webber and a number of the club's players. Apparently the recording was made in 1974 but the record wasn't put out until 1976.  It was made at Impulse Studio, and it had a typical Impulse look to it - see Wudwink (the studio's house label) and Beverley for a comparison. The separation of the parts of the catalogue number by slashes - EC/001/A - was another practise of Impulse's, though it was far from unique to them. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Bobby Webber United, Newcastle United EVENING CHRONICLE EC 001

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