Independent label: Eurotone Records a was a company from Bexley, Kent.  In September 1974 it published a series of 'Four Phase Introduction' French, German, Spanish and English language guides which included either one tape (cassette or cartridge) or five 7" records in the package, along with various booklets containing useful phrases.  Each course retailed at 5, and they were distributed by Lugtons in Britain.  The discs were manufactured by Sonopresse, of Holland; and the German ones, which are the only ones that I've seen in the vinyl, were numbered in the SHOL-1940s. Distributed By Eurotone Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 No Artist Listed Four Phase Introduction To German EUROTONE 26 401 SHOL  1942 / 1943 / 1944 / 1945 / 1946

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