Independent Reggae label: Ethnic records issued singles from 1973-83 and was owned by Larry Lawrence; its 7" releases appear to have been confined to the first three years of that period. A report in Billboard magazine for the 24th of March 1973 says that the label was to be launched by Creole; presumably Lawrence had made a handling agreement with that company. Catalogue numbers suggest that Ethnic issued more than forty singles, but some of the numbers seem not to have been used.  The design and colours of its label changed several times, in addition to which several different numbering schemes seem to have been used: they started out with ETH-1000, soon dropped a '0' to become ETH-100, and lost another '0' shortly after reaching double figures, becoming simple ETH-10.  In 1975 Ethnic was merged with another of Lawrence's labels, Fight Records, resulting in the formation of a joint label, Ethnic Fight, which appears to have replaced Ethnic, at least as far as 7" releases are concerned. In 1978 the two constituent parts separated, though they seem to have concentrated on 12" releases from that point. most singles were Orlake pressings. Ethnic Records Former address: 249 Kilburn High Road, London. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Junior English Daddy Is Home ETHNIC ETH 1001
73 Winston Wright Lucifer ETHNIC ETH 1002
73 Selectors Rock Back ETHNIC ETH 1003
73 Barker Dave I'M Stoned In Love With You ETHNIC ETH 1004
73 Honey Boy Sweet Cherrie ETHNIC ETH 105
73 Alcapone Dennis  Blessed Is The Man ETHNIC ETH 106
73 King Tapper  Jump & Twist  ETHNIC ETH 107
73 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 108
73 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 109
73 Duke Larry  King Boxer  ETHNIC ETH 110
73 Barker Dave  Throw A Kiss  ETHNIC ETH 11
73 Selectors  Jenny Jenny  ETHNIC ETH 12
73 Stratdan Jimmy  So Long Baby  ETHNIC ETH 13
73 Collins Tit  Hea Boy  ETHNIC ETH 14
73 Alcapone Dennis  London Town  ETHNIC ETH 15
73 Scratch King  Fist Of Fury  ETHNIC ETH 16
73 Sexton Tony All Of My Life  ETHNIC ETH 17
73 Jah Martin Kung Fu Part 1  ETHNIC ETH 18
73 Dorane Mike  Shoo Doo Be Dooh  ETHNIC ETH 19
73 Earl George  To Be A Lover  ETHNIC ETH 20
73 Graham Leo    Pampas Judas ETHNIC ETH 21
73 Rogers Sydney  Miracle Worker  ETHNIC ETH 22
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 23
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 24
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 25
74 Byles Junior Mumbling And Grumbling ETHNIC ETH 26
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 27
74 Rogers Sydney  Jacquelino  ETHNIC ETH 28
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 29
74 King Scratch  Mash Finger  ETHNIC ETH 30
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 31
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 32
74 Webber Merlene  Once You Hit The Road ETHNIC ETH 33
74 Junior English  Muriel ETHNIC ETH 34
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 35
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 36
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 37
74 Black Eagles  Brimstone & Fire  ETHNIC ETH 38
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 39
74 True Experience  My Girl  ETHNIC ETH 40
74 Not Traced ETHNIC ETH 41
74 Brown Al  No Soul Today ETHNIC ETH 42

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