Esoteric Records was a DIY label. Esoteric Records released at least five 7" records by Birmingham musician Martin O'Cuthbert during 1978-81, and added a couple more and a compilation album before the '80s ended. The first single, 'B.E.Ms' (SRTS 78 CUS-114; 7/78), was a somewhat spartan synthesiser instrumental, EE-2, 'Serene Machines' (12/78), and 'Navigator Through Nowhere (EEE-3; 11/1979) were in a similar vein: presumably the others were as well.   Manufacture of the first two singles was done through SRT, with Orlake doing the actual pressing; some releases were distributed by Rough Trade.  As can be seen, the label design remained basically the same, though the colours and the fonts varied. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Martin O'Cuthbert B.E.M'S ESOTERIC SRTS 78 CUS 114
78 Martin O'Cuthbert B.E.M'S ESOTERIC EE 1
78 Martin O'Cuthbert Serene Machines ESOTERIC EE 2
79 Martin O'Cuthbert Navigator Through Nowhere ESOTERIC EEE 3
80 Martin O'Cuthbert Vocal Vigilante [ Ep ] ESOTERIC EEE 4
81 Martin O'Cuthbert Songs For Square Pegs [ Ep ] ESOTERIC EEE 5
83 Martin O'Cuthbert Celebrate ESOTERIC EEE 6
85 Martin O'Cuthbert Oh God ESOTERIC EEE 7
89 Martin O'Cuthbert Follow That Car ESOTERIC EEE 8

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