Independent label: Eron Records was from Kent, specializing in Folk music. Eron was owned by Ron Milner. It released some thirty-two records between 1973 and 1984, most of which are collectable nowadays - particularly a 1976 album by Davy Graham. The majority of its releases were LPs but it issued several EPs and a couple of singles, which are listed in the discography below.  The one set of catalogue numbers was shared by all releases, but whereas albums had an 'ERON' prefix singles were prefixed 'ERON S' and EPs 'ERON EP'.  The label's design remained constant but the colour varied: it can be found as black-on-white and silver-on-red etc. The name Eron is a contraction of Ron Milner's name and that of his daughter, Erica: Er(ica)+(R)on = Eron. The bird logo is a drawing of Ron's Mynah bird, Rastus. It had a volcabulary of about 30 words. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Various Artists Folk In Sandwich (Album) ERON ERON 001
74 Various Artists Both Sides Of The Downs (Album) ERON ERON 002
74 Various Artists Shepway Folk (Album) ERON ERON 003
74 Various Artists Good Folk Of Kent (Album) ERON ERON 004
74 Various Artists Cryptadia (Album) ERON ERON 005
74 Various Artists Travelling Folk (Album) ERON ERON 006
74 Davey Graham All That Moody (Album) ERON ERON 007
74 Joanne Duo Joanne Duo Ep ERON ERON EP 008
75 Joanne Duo Together (Album) ERON ERON 009
75 Stephanie & Leonie Clarke Channel Folk (Album) ERON ERON 010
75 Angus  Io Solo (Album) ERON ERON 011
75 Various Artists Folk At The Black Horse (Album) ERON ERON 012
76 Not Known A Collection Of Semi Humorous Poems (Album) ERON ERON EP 013
76 Keith Pearson'S Right Hand Band Keith Pearson'S Right Hand Band (Album) ERON ERON 014
76 Joanne Duo The Joanne Duo (Cassette) ERON ERON 015
76 Ronnie Winters The Old Rocking Chair Ep ERON ERON EP 016
77 Mik & Martyn Mik & Martyn (Ep) ERON ERON EP 017
77 Tangent/Dover Schoolchildren Princess Snowdrop (Album) ERON ERON 018
79 Crooked Oak The Foot O Wor Stairs (Album) ERON ERON 019
79 Tony Plus Tangent What A Wondrous World We Live In ERON ERON S 020
79 Various Artists A Storybook Of Children'S Songs (Album) ERON ERON 021
79 Julia And The 'Breakaways Your Name ERON ERON EP 022
79 Telham Tinkers Marrowbones (Album) ERON ERON 023
79 Joanne Duo Feelings Ep ERON ERON EP 024
80 Hazel & Keith Pearson Band One More Day ERON ERON S 025
80 Jesmonds Love Is All Ep ERON ERON EP 026
81 Ivor & Sheila Changing Times (Album) ERON ERON 027
81 Angus Faraway Traveller (Album) ERON ERON 028
81 Peter Ferns Streets Of Belfast (Album) ERON ERON 029
81 Various Artists Working Folk (Album) ERON ERON 030
81 Telham Tinkers Hot In Alice Springs ERON ERON 031
84 Yakety Yak Jezebel Ep  ERON ERON EP 032

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