E.R.C was a Scottish Independent label: the label of Marshall Bain's 'Edinburgh Recording Company' studio.  E.R.C. seems to have been a custom recording label.  It managed a handful of releases covering the end of the '70s and the start of the '80s.  The first of them, an EP by the Newtongrange, Lothian Silver Band, was made through custom recording firm Ellie Jay  and had an Ellie Jay catalogue number, EJSP-9296; it was issued in 1979.  Pressing was by Lyntone, and its matrix numbers were LYN-7828 / 7829.  Subsequent 7" records were numbered in an ERC-000 series, starting at ERC-002; presumably the Newtongrange record was considered to be ERC-001.  Sadly they were undated, though a highly collectable single by Rock band Phyne Thanquz, 'Into The Sun' b/w 'Curse Of The Gods' (ERC-007) is reckoned to be from 1981.  An EP by The Dambusters - a group from St. Andrew's University, featuring Siobhan Redmond - while not in the same league is also collectable.  An album of Mozart music for two harpsichords, clavichord and piano, played by Lucy Carolan and Peter Williams (SCH-801), must have been an unusual item to find amongst a custom recording company's products. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Newtongrange Lothian Silver Band Old Comrades E.R.C EJSP 9296
80 The Dambusters Eva EP E.R.C ERC 002
81 Steel Driven She Never Knew Me E.R.C ERC 003
81 Not Traced E.R.C ERC 004
81 Not Traced E.R.C ERC 005
81 Not Traced E.R.C ERC 006
82 Phyne Thanquz Into The Sun / Curse Of The Gods E.R.C ERC 007

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