Enterprise Records was a DIY label. It managed one single 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy', by the Nashville Teens (ENTS-101; 1973). The Teens had enjoyed Chart success from 1964 to '66 and had recorded a classic track in the shape of John D. Loudermilk's, Tobacco Road' (Decca, F-11930).  They were still going in 1973, but the glory days were over; presumably 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' was a self-financed effort mainly aimed at their fans. It issued singles in an ENTS-100 numerical series. The Nashville Teens are a British pop band formed in Weybridge, Surrey, in summer 1962. By Art Sharp (born Arthur Sharp, 26 May 1941, Woking, Surrey), began his career in music as the manager of Aerco Records in Woking, Surrey. The group's line-up eventually comprised singers Sharp and Ray Phillips (born Ramon John Philips, 16 January 1939, Tiger Bay, Cardiff, South Wales), with former Cruisers Rock Combo members John Hawken (piano), Mick Dunford (lead guitar) (born Michael Dunford, 8 July 1944, Addlestone, Surrey died November 20, 2012, Surrey), Pete Shannon (born Peter Shannon Harris, August 23, 1941, Antrim, County Antrim, Northern Ireland) (bass) and Dave Maine (drums). Roger Groome replaced Maine shortly afterwards but was in turn replaced by Barry Jenkins in 1963, in which year a third vocalist, Terry Crowe (born Terence Crowe, 1941, Woking, Surrey died), joined briefly and Dunford left, to be replaced by John Allen (born John Samuel Allen, 23 April 1945, St Albans, Hertfordshire). (Crowe and Dunford formed 'The Plebs' with Danny McCulloch and were re-united with Hawken in Renaissance in 1970). There was also another member, Derek Gentle (vocals), who was diagnosed with cancer in the summer of 1962 and had to leave the band. He subsequently died in June 1963.Distributed By Enterprise Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 The Karlins Mama Say ENTERPRISE ENTS 100
73 Nashville Teens Lawdy Miss Clawdy ENTERPRISE ENTS 101

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