Independent label: Ensign Records was formed in 1976 as an independent subsidiary of Phonogram, under Nigel Grainge and Chris Hill.  It struck gold almost immediately with the Boomtown Rats before going on to explore 'Britfunk' with artists such as Light Of The Word.  In the early '80s Ensign forged a successful link with Eddy Grant's 'Ice' label.  Around 1981 the company split from its parent and turned to RCA for manufacture and distribution; it lost the Rats but continued to establish its reputation by signing the likes of Sinead O'Connor and the Waterboys. By 1983 Ensign had linked up with Island.  Eventually it was sold to Chrysalis; as part of that company it joined the EMI group in 1991.  Numbering was in an ENY-0 series; labels in the 1970s were of the injection-moulded type, which came in silver as well as shades of green, paper ones only appearing in the '80s.  The logo underwent a change of design in July 1979 and gained a new company sleeve. Distributed By RCA Records 1977-1982. Ensign Records Former Address: 3 Monmouth Place, Off Monmouth Road, London W2  5SH. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Flash & Pan Hey St Peter ENSIGN ENY 1
77 Drum Lala-Bye ENSIGN ENY 2
77 Williams Danny Dancing Easy ENSIGN ENY 3
77 Boomtown Rats Lookin' After No 1 ENSIGN ENY 4
77 Not Issued ENSIGN ENY 5
77 Tissier Ray Lets Dance ENSIGN ENY 6
77 Williams Danny I Hate Hate ENSIGN ENY 7
77 Not Issued ENSIGN ENY 8
77 Boomtown Rats Mary Of The 4Th Form ENSIGN ENY 9
77 Night School Do You Skeak Franch ENSIGN ENY 10
77 Tissier Ray See You In La ENSIGN ENY 11
78 Lipstique Venus ENSIGN ENY 12
78 Boomtown Rats She'S So Modern ENSIGN ENY 13
78 Boomtown Rats Like Clockwork ENSIGN ENY 14
78 Flash & Pan And The Band Played On ENSIGN ENY 15
78 Boomtown Rats Rat Trap ENSIGN ENY 16
78 Johnson Robert I'Ll Be Waiting ENSIGN ENY 17
78 Shampoo Harlum Hustle ENSIGN ENY 18
78 Hill Chris Disco Santa ENSIGN ENY 19
79 Johnson Robert Terry ENSIGN ENY 20
79 Flash & Pan California ENSIGN ENY 21
79 Light Of The World Swingin' ENSIGN ENY 22
79 Four Pennies When The Boy'S Happy ENSIGN ENY 23
79 Tissier Ray Love Is A Small Town ENSIGN ENY 24
79 Johnson Robert Wish Upon A Star ENSIGN ENY 25
79 Grant Eddie Living On The Frontline ENSIGN ENY 26
79 Hudson People Trip To Your Mind ENSIGN ENY 27
79 Flash & Pan African Shuffle ENSIGN ENY 28
79 Light Of The World Midnight Grooving ENSIGN ENY 29
79 Boomtown Rats I Dont Like Mondays ENSIGN ENY 30
79 Sundholm Roy Did You Ever Have A Heart ENSIGN ENY 31
79 Bette Noir Forget It ENSIGN ENY 32
79 Boomtown Rats Diamond Smiles ENSIGN ENY 33
80 Boomtown Rats Someone'S Looking At You ENSIGN ENY 34
80 Steve Dahl And Teenage Radiation Ayatollah ENSIGN ENY 35
80 Light Of The World Boys In Blue ENSIGN ENY 36
80 Sho Nuff It'S Alright ENSIGN ENY 37
80 Not Issued ENSIGN ENY 38
80 Flash & Pan Media Man ENSIGN ENY 39
80 Light Of The World I'Ll Always Love You ENSIGN ENY 40
80 Mobster  Simmer Down ENSIGN ENY 41
80 Black Slate Amigo ENSIGN ENY 42
80 Light Of The World London Town ENSIGN ENY 43
80 Incognito Parisenne Girl ENSIGN ENY 44
80 Grant Eddie Do You Feel My Love ENSIGN ENY 45
80 Light Of The World I Shot The Sheriff ENSIGN ENY 46
80 Black Slate Boom Boom ENSIGN ENY 47
78 Robert Johnson I'll Be Waiting ENSIGN ROJO 1

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