Enigma Records was a DIY label. It managed at least two singles. It issued singles in an PSS-100 numerical series. The Label set-up by band Joy Division to release their first single. When Joy Division discovered that there already was another label called Enigma, they changed it to Anonymous Records, Enigma first-ever record was by Joy Division, their 'Ideal For Living' EP (PSS-139; 1978).  Recording was by Pennine Sound Studios, and the EP was numbered in the studio's own series. Warsaw was the name used by Joy Division for their early performances and during the recording sessions for their first 7" EP, "An Ideal For Living". They changed their name to Joy Division before that record was released, so the only release Inside The Line (PSS-138; 1977).  is a bootlegs of early material released under the Warsaw name, and several tracks on official Joy Division compilations that are credited to Warsaw. Joy Division were an English rock band formed in 1976 in Salford, Greater Manchester. Originally named Warsaw, the band primarily consisted of Ian Curtis (vocals and occasional guitar), Bernard Sumner (guitar and keyboards), Peter Hook (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Stephen Morris(drums and percussion).

77 Warsaw Inside The Line ENIGMA PSS 138
78 Joy Division An Ideal For Living ENIGMA PSS 139

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