Independent label: Emkay Records was from Scotland, operative in or around 1978.  Of the five Emkay records traced so far, three were albums - Ross Stewart's 'Perspectives' (MK-004), 'The Fair's Moving On' by Beau Brummel (MK-005; 1978), and Tom Lawson's '20th Century Drifter' (MK-006) - but the others were singles.  First out of the traps was 'My Sweet Baby' by Mimics (MK-001); presumably there was an MK-002. Gordon Sinclair's version of the Bee Gees' 'First Of May' (MK-003), came out.  Albums and singles shared the same MK-000 numerical series. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 The Mimics My Sweet Baby EMKAY MK 001
78 Dean Park Things EMKAY MK 002
78 Gordon Sinclair First Of May EMKAY MK 003
78 Ross Stewart Perspectives (Album) EMKAY MK 004
78 Beau Brummel The Fair'S Moving On (Album) EMKAY MK 005
78 Tom Lawson 20Th Century Drifter (Album) EMKAY MK 006
77 The Mimics My Sweet Baby EMKAY ENTERTAINMENTS RE 043

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