Independent label: Emcee Records was dedicated to issuing music for ballroom dancing. It managed at least three singles. There were several record companies dedicated to issuing music for ballroom dancing. The biggest among them - 'Dancetime' and 'NDS' both operated and issued tens, or hundreds, of records. Emcee seems to have been one of the smaller ones. It managed at least three EPs, all of which were of strict-tempo dances by the Eddie Graham Sound. Numbering was in the MC-0s. MC-2 came in a company sleeve The label gives no clue as to who the distributors were, but Northern Dance Services, of Shipley, were the main distributors for Strict Tempo labels and they may well have handled Emcee among the others.  The matrix number of MC-1, which is handwritten, suggests an Orlake pressing, as does the rough label surface.  MC-3 was a product of SRT, as its matrix number - S/78/CUS-195 - indicates. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Graham Eddie Sound Blueberry Hill (Ep) EMCEE MC 1
77 Graham Eddie Sound Cavatina EMCEE MC 2
78 Graham Eddie Sound Blue Moon EMCEE MC 3

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