Elephant Records was a DIY label. Though the design is more ambitious than they usually are.  It was based in Scotland and it issued at least two records; Tom Morton featured on both of them, which suggests that the label may have been his.  An EP by the Prendergarst Smythe Band, '4 Golden Hits', seems to have been its only 7" release - the sleeve gives the artists as 'Tom Morton & The Prendergarst Smythe Band' but the labels only mention the band.  Tracks on the EP were 'More Than A Movie', 'Winterglow', 'Thomas' and 'Born Again'; its catalogue number was SRTS/78/CUS-137, which indicates that it was made through custom recording firm SRT in 1978.  An album by Tom Morton with Graeme Duffin, 'Out Of The Harbour' (DUMBO-002), followed in 1979 or '80 - accounts differ.  The style of music on both was Christian Folk / Rock / Pop. Distributed By Elephant Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Tom Morton With The Prendergarst Smythe Band More Than A Movie ELEPHANT SRTS/78/CUS 137

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