Independent Waterford based label Ireland: Eiram Records managed at least six singles. It issued singles in an ROC-000 numerical series. Distributed By Eiram Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Not Traced EIRAM ROC 001
77 Dick & Mick Plus One James Connolly  EIRAM ROC 002
77 Not Traced EIRAM ROC 003
78 Not Traced EIRAM ROC 004
78 The Eamonn Wall Band Just Another Heartache  EIRAM ROC 005
78 Simon Simon's Christmas  EIRAM ROC 006
78 The Tony Weldon Dance Band Let Us Be Sweethearts Again EIRAM ROC 007
79 Barrack Street Brass & Reed Band Mambo Jambo  EIRAM ROC 008
79 Various Artists Waterford A Moment In Time (Album) EIRAM ROC 009
79 Drops Of Brandy Farewell To Tramore EIRAM ROC 010

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