Independent label: Eiburn Records was an offshoot of custom recording concern Stag Music. Elburn Records managed at least one singles a medley of 'Star Of A TV Show / Honey / You Make Me Feel Brand New' by Larry Stone with Duo Mikenos & Tony Mac (HP-10; 1975), which sounds like a typical Cabaret / Club act recording - indeed, pianist / singer / comedian Stone won the title 'Pub Entertainer Of The Year' in 1975.  The HP-00 series was used by Stag Music, both labels were injection moulded in 1975, and both issued records featuring Duo Mikenos, so that ties them together adequately.  As is usual for custom pressings, Pressing was by Polydor records. Distributed By Polydor Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Quoatations Solitaire STAG MUSIC HP 1
74 Countrysiders Whiskey Man STAG MUSIC HP 2
75 Not Traced STAG MUSIC HP 3
75 Not Traced STAG MUSIC HP 4
75 Not Traced STAG MUSIC HP 5
75 New Attraction The Fabulous New Attraction Ep STAG MUSIC HP 6
75 The Jacksons A Double Thick Marmalade Butty STAG MUSIC HP 7
75 Saturated Seven Down By The Old Mill Stream STAG MUSIC HP 8
75 Not Traced STAG MUSIC HP 9
75 Stone Larry &Duo Mikenos & Tony Mac Star Of A Tv Show EIBURN HP 10

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