Independent label: Egotrip Records issued at least two singles by Bay City Roller Leslie McKeown, 'Shall I Do It' (EGOS-7; 11/79), and 'Long Distance Love' (EGOS-9; 10/79), along with his 'All Washed Up' album (EGO-001; 1979).  Egotrip was also the name of the band that McKeown formed after he left the Bay City Rollers - he enjoyed considerable success with that band in Japan and Germany during the period 1979-82 - so it may be that the label was owned, or co-owned by him.  Egotrip former address: 79, Blythe Road, London W14 0HP, it  gives the company's name as Ego Trip, whereas the label runs the two words together.  The official Les McKeown site also spells the band's name both ways. Distributed By Multiple Sound Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Leslie McKeown All Washed Up (Album) EGOTRIP EGO 1
79 Not Traced EGOTRIP EGO 2
79 Not Traced EGOTRIP EGO 3
79 Not Traced EGOTRIP EGO 4
79 Not Traced EGOTRIP EGO 5
79 Not Traced EGOTRIP EGO 6
79 Leslie McKeown Shall I Do It EGOTRIP EGO 7
79 Not Traced EGOTRIP EGO 8
79 Leslie McKeown Long Distance Love EGOTRIP EGO 9

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