Independent label from the Punk / New Wave era, owned by Pete Townshend. Eel Pie started out in 1970 as a studio and a production company, and moved into the field of publishing in 1977.  Reportedly Townshend viewed the Punk phenomenon with a sympathetic eye, seeing in it much the same sort of anger which had fuelled some of The Who's work. Perhaps as a result, Eel Pie put out three singles, all in a Punk / New Wave vein, by The Skunks, No Sweat, and Straight Eight, all of them in 1978.  The Straight Eight single was the only one to have a picture of an eel pie on the label; the first two singles had labels of a simpler, plainer, design. The company still exists today, mainly as a vehicle for Townshend's own music. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Skunks Good From The Bad EEL PIE EPS 001
78 No Sweat's Work On Her EEL PIE EPS 002
78 Straight Eight Modern Times EEL PIE EPS 003

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