Edible Records was a DIY label. It managed one singles. It issued singles in an TS-000 numerical series. A Punk quartet from Chesham formed in 1978 by Robert Boughton (gtr/v), Gordon Watson (gtr/v), Tim Heal (b) and Paul Morris (d/v), The band who started life in 1977 as "Bloo Lite" quickly switched their name to "The Beez" and then went onto release two amazing singles, one 2-track 7" and one 4-track EP on their own 'Edible' label in 1979. The Beez recorded the tracks “Easy” and “The Vagrant” in December 1978 at Luton’s Quest Studios with Dave Cook producing. A single emerged at the end of January ’79 on the band-owned indie label Edible Records, housed in a multi-fold cardboard cover featuring dozens of little live photos. The 7”, pressed in an edition of 1,000 copies, couples two melodic Punk cuts that were completely ignored by the music press at the time, but are now rated among the brightest forgotten gems of late ’70s UK PunkRock. Distributed By Edible Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Beez Easy EDIBLE SNACK 001
79 Beez The Beez Ep EDIBLE SNACK 002
79 Beez The Beez "Live" Ep EDIBLE SNACK 003

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