Independent Reggae and Soul label. Echo may have been run by Floyd Lloyd Seivreight. It started life in 1979, and issued 7" singles using two different numerical series, EC-7000, RB-000 and (in the 1980s) ECHO-0.  The first release was Donnie Elbert's 'Are You Ready' (EC-7001; 1979), which was pressed by Lyntone (LYN-6391/2); distribution was by Pinnacle, though 'Collins International' is credited on the label. The two RBs had no date on them. The few Echoes that did may have come out in the '70s are listed below.  Echo was replaced by Vista Sounds in the '80s, but records on the label continued to be issued until at least 1987; its issues in that decade were mostly in 12" form. The Floyd Lloyd single was reissued in 1982 in 7" and 12" form as ECHO-5, with a different 'B' side. Echo Records / Vista Sounds: Former address 25 Park Way, Burnt Oak, Edgware, Middlesex, and P.O. Box 164, Borehamwood, Herts. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Floyd Lloyd  Sweet Lady  ECHO RB 001
79 The Twins In The Year 2525 ECHO RB 002
79 Not Traced ECHO RB 003
79 Not Traced ECHO RB 004
79 Floyd Lloyd  Sweet Lady ECHO RB 005
79 Donnie Elbert Are You Ready ECHO EC 7001
80 Jacob Miller  Silver Bells  ECHO TRIS 001
82 Mcghee J One Draw ECHO ECHO 001
82 Pearson Maureen Soulful Lover Baby ECHO ECHO 002
82 Sparks J.J.  Let It Be Me  ECHO ECHO 003
82 Red Cloud When A Man Loves A Woman ECHO ECHO 004
82 Floyd Lloyd  Sweet Lady ECHO ECHO 005
82 Jackson R. Zee  Reggae Disco Medley  ECHO ECHO 006
82 Lodge June  Someone Loves You Honey ECHO ECHO 007
82 Eek-A-Mouse & Lui Lepki  Georgie Porgie  ECHO ECHO 008
82 Gentles Bill Ever Since I Met You ECHO ECHO 009
82 Sammy Dread & Lui Lepki  Labour Ward  ECHO ECHO 010
82 Wayne Jarrett  Satta Dread  ECHO ECHO 011
82 Loi One Draw ECHO ECHO 012
82 Gibbs Leroy  Reward Me ECHO ECHO 013

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