Ebony Records was A Disco / Funk label, operative in 1977-78. Several of Ebony's singles were released in the 12" format, as well as the 7". The 12" singles had EYEC-0 catalogue numbers; the 7"s were numbered in the EYE-0s, and they reached at least EYE-16. Despite a couple of contributions by past-and-future-hit-makers the Rah Band, none of Ebony's singles ever charted. The label changed design at some point between EYE-10 and EYE-14, losing some if its visual impact but gaining a black horse logo. Distribution was by RCA. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Inner City Express Dance And Shake EBONY EYE 1
77 Clayton Obie Don'T Turn Your Back On Love EBONY EYE 2
77 Cat 'N' Jammer Kids Disco Drum EBONY EYE 3
77 Rah Band Jiggery Pokery EBONY EYE 4
77 Inner City Express Sho Dig Dancin' EBONY EYE 5
78 Ross Alan What You Gonna Do About It EBONY EYE 6
78 Not Issued EBONY EYE 7
78 Pearls Double Troble EBONY EYE 8
78 Rah Band Warm Ride EBONY EYE 9
78 Duval Melanie Give A Little Bit EBONY EYE 10
79 Transmitters Party EBONY EYE 11
78 Transmitters Nowhere Train EBONY EYE 12
78 Ross Alan Restless Nights EBONY EYE 13
78 Loudspeakers You Got A Hard Time Coming EBONY EYE 14
78 Inner City Express Spring Rain EBONY EYE 15
78 Drill Les Drill EBONY EYE 16

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