An independent label from the Punk / New Wave years. The Easy label seems to have released at least two records. The first was an EP by a band called Hazard; it contained the tracks 'Love Will Keep Us Together', 'Fooled Around (And Fell In Love)', 'Long Train Runnin'', and 'The Way We Were' (ER-01; 1979), the second of which was Silent Noise's self-financed single 'I've Been Hurt (So Many Times Before)' (ER-2 / EJSP-9270; 1979). Silent Noise were from Norwich, so perhaps Easy was too. The EJSP matrix number suggests that the Ellie Jay plant was responsible for the recordings.  Silent Noise were a punk band from Norwich, UK. Formed in 1978 as Broadside Outcasts the band changed the name to Silent Noise in 1979. Band members were Neil Currier - Vocals, Dave Smith - Bass, Steve Fowler - Guitar & Alan ‘Polo’ Pollard - Drums. The band released one single: I’ve Been Hurt (So Many Times Before) / Heart to Heart on Easy Records in 1979. Neil Currier was also in Neil Currier & The Hairdryers & Polo & The Mints. Dave Smith was also in Dick Dangler & The Testicles, Neils Nightly Nightmare, Pink Undulating Nuns, Polo & The Mints, Reginald Hitler Brothers, The Toads, The Trouble With Girls & More Trouble With Girls. Steve Fowler was also in Polo & The Mints and The Turkey Molesters. Polo was also in Dick Dangler & The Testicles, Original Raving Fatties, Polo & The Mints, Raving Fatties and The Toads. The band had split by 1980. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Hazard Love Will Keep Us Together EASY ER 1
79 Silent Noise'S I'Ve Been Hurt EASY ER 2

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