Eastern Caribbean Records was a short-lived Soca / Carnival music label.  Eastern Caribbean seems to have run to just two singles, both of them featuring Cecil B.  First out of the blocks was the one shown above, 'Take Me Take Me', on which Cecil B was backed by The Mighty Zagada; it was issued in 1975, and had a catalogue number of CARIFTA-001 - some sources refer to the label as 'Carifta'.  It was followed that same year by 'Ire Harry' (CAR-002); backing for that record was provided by the Caribbean Exiles. Dennis Harris ran Eastern Caribbean, and that it was associated with D. L International, better known for their DIP records. Distributed By Eve Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Cecil B Backed By The Mighty Zagada Take Me Take Me EASTERN CARIBBEAN CARIFTA 001
76 Cecil B, Carribbean Exiles Ire Harry EASTERN CARIBBEAN CAR 002

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