Earwacks seems to have been a DIY label. It was dedicated to the records of The Balloons, and it issued three of them.  The first single, 'Calling All Human Beings' (WAK-001) came out in 1978; the second, 'John Paul's Wife' (WAK-002) followed in 1980. An album, 'Through Your Elbow' (WAK-003; 1980) completed the line-up. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info. Earwacks Records Former Address: 6 Norray Road, London SW15.

78 Balloons Calling All Human Beings EARWACKS WAK 001
80 Balloons Jean-Paul Wife EARWACKS WAK 002
80 Balloons Through Your Elbow (Album) EARWACKS WAK 003

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